How to make the most of the present?
The answer doesn’t require a new set of education but just a small exercise, consciousness. When last did you pay attention to your toes? do you feel the weight of your shoulders? When last have observed you breathing? That is being present, in the now.
The reality is, life is now. Regardless of how much you want to plan for the future or mitigate the past, what is truly essential is the present, Once you truly get into the concept that now is the most important moment, it actually feels liberating to know that true happiness is accepting your present in the conscious mind.

Think about it, the past is just a memory that your thought is manifesting at the present and the future is the anticipation of what could be but your thought is experiencing it in the present too.
So, the only thing you truly have is “now”, this moment.
However we do spend most of our existence, our life reputing, ignoring or forgetting this “now”. We rarely connect with the now and we don’t get the fullness that we desire. Continuing to believe we will become happy in the future is a myth because the future will not come.
Imagine dropping all that is and just enjoy the present, the shoes you are wearing, the food you are eating, the activity your performing…All this require is the attentiveness you pay to your own existence in the present moment. That should it. If you have a loved one in the hospital, just show love and care, if you are looking for work, just concentrate on what you are currently doing, if you sick, concentrate on healthy. No need to project in the future or go back where you were. Be present.

How can we create a life that is worthy of living knowing that our current life will come to an end?
Whatever we have promises to ourselves, whatever we want to change is linked to how happy we are at this moment. We cant be dissatisfied with the present and be able to prepare for future happiness.
It is great to be thoughtful, but it is not great to be in perpetual thought mode where we create all our demons and fears.
If we are constantly in “what could have, what would have and what should have”, we will miss life, we will fail to connect with the moment, with the people, with the opportunities…
It is not good to be a prisoner of the next thought, it is counterproductive.
Be present, be in the “NOW”

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