There must be something stopping you from taking the action you want. Do you know “what is stopping you?”

You would think, after all, that you know about yourself and all you have been told about the power you possess to change your circumstances, you wouldn’t find it challenging to take the right action and be happy with that decision. Why can’t you?

So, let’s us together check the meaning of Faith. It might give us the answer. Do we develop Faith, or you are born Faithful? “Faith” definition is; “having complete trust in someone or something.” The key word in this dictionary definition is “complete”.

My understanding of Faith is a scientific one, very rational. I am the creator of my Faith. Faith for me is an internal Chemical lab where I mix my thoughts with energy (positive or negative) to produce an instant emotion.
I give that emotion a “spiritual sensation” that most would call “God’s will.”
In essence, God’s will is my self-creation, (my thinking + my energy). Let’s take a step back; remember the time you said, “This is my Faith.”

What did you exactly mean? In most cases, unconsciously you are saying; what is happening to you at that instant is your God’s will or your God’s choice. You said that because you have Faith in your God, you have “complete” trust in your God.

Where that complete trust in your God comes from?

I will tell you. It is a result of all you know since birth. You have heard about the grace of God, including how he created us, How he protects us without fail; therefore, we musy have “complete trust in him.”  The constant and continuous reminder and our individual personal experiences of “God” gave us”complete trust”.

I needed to mention this so that, you get to understand the root cause of your failure in taking action you know you have to.

So, How faithful are you to you? Before you answer this question, remember the full meaning of the word, Faith is”complete trust.”
Most of my clients don’t have a “complete trust” in their ability to move their live’s mountains to the sea.
It is evident that we must learn to develop Faith to ourselves to get the desired results. My mentor, Napoleon Hill illustrated this in 1937 when he wrote “When men first come into contact with crime, they hate it. If they remain in contact with a crime for a time, they become accustomed to it and endure it. If they remain in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it and become influenced by it.

” Faith is simply a result of a continuous effort to believe in something. The same as having complete trust in prayers is a result of continuous believe, not a consistent success on what you ask.

Did you know, in communities or places where prayer was never taught, Faith is found elsewhere?
So, If Faith is a state of mind created by affirming instructions to the unconscious mind by using the repeated suggestion, why are you not faithful to you, yet?
Now that you know this, why can’t you have Faith in you?

It is no secret that, whatever one repeats to oneself, one becomes it, whether it is valid or not.

Faith isn’t at Instinct. It comes from repetitive thinking.
How many time do you repeat to you that you can?
Being Faithful to you require continuous self-affirmation to your ability. After all, you were created …perfect.