In order to have a path created, one is required to repeat actions over a period of time. Without repetition, one can’t create a path.

Your path is based on your internal reality, it is what I call your deepest belief. If you think there are people luckier than you to succeed, your reality of success will be defined by your perception of other’s achievements. Throughout my short life experience, I’ve come to understand of few facts that make one group of people successful than others.

When I arrived in South Africa in December 1990, I had no idea what to study at the University of Witwatersrand, one needed to speak and write in the English language. I believed that the University was bilingual since it was an international institution. I was wrong.

To cut the long story short, I was given 3 months to be fluent in communicating in English and 6 months to pass my written English test.

I achieved success in both and only then I was allowed to continue my study at the institution. I had achieved that, not because I was a genius. I did so because I knew, to succeed is simply a decision that an individual would have to make. My decision to succeed was influenced by a few factors that I had identified as my path for success. Here I wanted to share

  1. Define one’s current situation

This is the most important phase for any individual’s development. Once a person has identified what is their current situation, it becomes possible to act in a manner to achieve. This then formulates an outlook to the world in which one exists. My current situation was to recognise the fact that I was lucky to be in South Africa with a great opportunity to study, while many of my peers back in DRC were not able to travel and continue with theirs.

  1. Deep personal assessment

A deep personal assessment is the ability to understand your full situation if you don’t succeed in the current setting. How to utilise correctly what you know about you, to work for you and to achieve your desired outcome so that you can avoid the effect of undesirable result.

  1. Self-communication.

Once we know the current situation, we know the effect of our result, our next step is to communicate that to our conscious mind. Only then we will discover the balance between our desire and our action. Communication will empower us to act.

Self-communication is one’s unique skill to stay in control of your personal life. There is no value in having a vast knowledge of your abilities unconsciously but never acted on them. That is a definition of being “Useless”.

let me put all the above in perspective so that you get my path to success secret. My friend Serge Mutamba, once told me that he couldn’t sleep before 2 AM. I told him, the reason he couldn’t sleep before 2 AM is a simple choice because he had not associated the effect directly to his life. If he chooses to sleep before 2 AM, He would.

After demonstrating the negative effects of his situation, he was able to change his sleeping partner and sleeping before 2 AM wasn’t a problem any more.

The reason newspaper editors always meet deadlines is due to the fact that the publication MUST go to print at a certain given time. No other option. Success should be the only option available to you. And to reach success, it is not a per hazard activity, you need a path.

This path for success has nothing to do with status, environment, race, or luck. Success is achieved when an individual has recognised their path and when they have made the conscious decision to reach it.