Why do you wake up every morning?

My will to wake up every morning is driven by “the hope to change (or to better) or to maintain my current life circumstance. I keep that hope so that I must make today better than yesterday”.

It is natural that, as human, we are aspired to the constant need to seek change and better our current state or seek “the new better” ( if it exists).

The question is, who is responsible for changing our current state or How should it be done? I come to the understanding that my life is defined by what I feed my unconscious mind the most. As I shared with you some time ago, our unconscious mind is responsible for the formation of our behaviour, our mood, our personality, thus control our actions which produce all our envisaged results.

To make today better than yesterday, I push to take control of what I feed my unconscious. I am aware of what I already possess, the power to decide and align my behaviour, mood, personality, effort… to my goal. The state of being conscious is a choice, it is a state of being in control.

How do you get to consciousness and start making changes you desire?

Here what I do, I identify what I want to change from knowing what I don’t want, and I follow certain simple steps; 1. I must start by visualising the end product or the outcome. 2. I must act according to what I planned to reach my outcome. 3. I must then choose to feed my unconscious mind so that I control the rest. and lastly, 4. I must eliminate all limited belief and excuses.

The mega change in my thinking process is this keyword “must”. Once I upgrade my standard of thinking from; could or would to “Must”, only then I start taking control of my thinking and actions.

Put yourself in a CEO’s ( Chief Executive Officer) chair, all perceived failures or successes of the corporation, according to the board of directors & chairman, depend on 100% CEO’s performance.

If your Maker had given you the conscious and unconscious mind to use at your pleasure. He also gave you the freedom of choosing what to feed them and the role to attribute to them. You could allow your life to be driven by your unconscious mind or you could choose to be conscious or in control, mostly.

The CEO defines what is the company culture, defines the environment in which the company should operate. Company culture is the personality of a company, the path in which the CEO decides to follow to achieve goals set by the board.

When we apply the concept of the “CEO” into our lives and we consider ourselves as corporations, only then we will create a culture on how we want to operate.

Mr CEO, what is your life culture? what do you consume to achieve your desired result? As long as what you are consciously feeding your unconscious mind with a fuel that is energising and driving you towards your goal – you must keep it.  

The same goes, Mr CEO, when you consume what makes you feel miserable without the drive or energy, with full of doubt and excuses, you should know, it is unhealthy and toxic consumptions and you must let go.

You, the “CEO” have the power to influence, to change, to improve whatever will be aligned to your life. You also have the power to do nothing. Oh yes! Doing nothing is also a decision.

A “Company culture”, a lifestyle driven by must will guide your behaviour, your choice of association, choice of consumption and will produce your desired result.

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