Previously, I shared with you the following fact; a big part of our current day is dictated by our addiction to the past memory, which in essence, is the force that drives our personality. We now know that our thoughts have a direct link with our emotional state ( See the previous article), which means the same emotion we had in the past vis a vis an experience still influencing our thoughts in the same way as it did then, that means, our current being is living in the past. That is scary.

The only way we will achieve change ( if we want it), is when we create new thoughts that are not influenced by past emotions. The moment you decide consciously to make a different choice (change), I urge you to get ready because it going to feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Remember, your being has been wired with a specific hard circuit for a while and now, you are about to rip it off and change the wiring, that sounds dangerous, right? Yes.. it is. When you step up to create change, your body will be at unknown territory and will fight back.

If you used to feel sorry for yourself, you are demanding that your body not to feel so. If you are used to blaming everybody else or blaming circumstances for your misfortunes, you are now telling your body, it is your own fault. Change means telling your body to stop suffering, stop feeling guilty or shameful, change means taking responsibility. Your body is familiar with feelings such as shamefulness, guilty, pain, blame. As your body is going through that search, it will influence your actions with subjective ideas to delay the new conscious programming called “free will” to the old called emotion.

If you wanted to start a clean diet, your body will say… “don’t start now, do it tomorrow”. If you wanted to study hard, your body will discourage you by reminding you… “you are stupid, why to bother, you will fail anyway, rest”. If you wanted to face a bully, your body will remind you… “be careful, you are weak”. If you refuse friends invitation to go get drunk than staying home, your body will say… “you are anti-social, nobody will like you”. Your body will use all the tricks to discourage you from taking new actions by pulling you back using your emotional memories.

And if you respond to those thoughts as true, it will lead to the same past emotion and same action and you will go back to the point where you started.

Our body can be either controlled by conscious mind or programmed unconscious mind, Our body does not know the difference between what is happening in our physical world or what we are creating in our mind. What we create in our mind, we do it often to affirm our emotion and existing belief. 

How do we create change?

We start creating changes by simply choosing which behaviour we want to create.

We need to create certainty in our thoughts. We have to see ourselves succeeding, healthy and empowered in the future. Because the future has not happened yet, we have the freedom to design it. That gives birth to a different emotion and we will then take a different actions than the one from the past such as; we will walk every day to the shops rather than driving there, we will stop doing what made us do specific things, we will avoid liking, retweeting or commenting on certain individuals views, we will avoid certain people or places…Change is hard because it is not from an affirmation of our limited beliefs. Change is our wishful future that demand action.  

The best way to predict the future is by creating it. We have seen athletes with their eyes closed, creating an event in their mind before physically undertaking it.

Rehearse your desire in your mind and create an image of it.

If you are truly present, your body will follow through because what is in your mind, the body does not know the difference between the unreal or 3D world.

In so doing, you start programming your mind with new data which are not based on past events but based on a map for the future. And if you keep doing it for a long time, your mind will no longer be directed from old and past data but will become a software that you control.

How you do it? you teach your body emotionally ahead of the experience. You have to change your model of life to the “causing effect” where you create the emotion.

The moment you start feeling abundant and worthy, that means, you have started taking steps toward generating wealth. The moment you start feeling whole, your healing has begun. The moment you love yourself, love your life, you have started living consciously.

The first step to the change is the end of your victim life (a programmed state where life happens to you). It is the start of a free willing state, where you are the creator of life causes.

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