In your life existence, there are so many things you do without an effort, without being aware that you are doing so. You never questioned how you accomplish them effortlessly?  It is probably what most of you come to recognise as the “miracle of the creation”, or you just accept them as “it is what it is”.

What would you say, if I share with you that, there is nothing you achieve today that is new to you?  You achieve them because you have information stored in you, and all you do, is to access them when needed and become aware.

You don’t recall most of the stored information because they are not crucial or vital for your existence and you are not aware of them.

For examples, until this second, you were not aware of your skin touching your cloth, or the feeling of your toes inside your shoes, or even your teeth in the mouth. Well, too late. Now you are aware of all because you have been alerted and as I wrote previously, you are now present. 

Since birth, you stored vital information to your survival and they are retrievable when needed, like the need to keep 2,5l of blood in your body, the details on how to brush your teeth or to do your shoes or to blink to protect your eyes. You have two types of stored information, the one stored by choice and the one stored unconsciously. Both are vital to your survival.

But to drive your life, to take control of your life, you need two things,

  1. Chose to store valuable information consciously, and
  2. Learn how to access them when needed.

Most of what you know about life is a result of conditioning, not a choice.

There are things that you had known long before you even started thinking, You had adopted them based on habit, environment and your tribes.

To take control and start driving your life, you should be able to access information in your unconscious mind, change what you think, currently don’t work or serve you as you wish.

All information about your life is stored in your unconscious mind.

The blueprint of your health is in your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is your life’s guard, and its primary objectives are the survival of your physical body & produce the result that will satisfy you, and more importantly, it is the keeper of your happy state. It is your prerogative to feed it with as much desire information as possible.

As an athlete in the field of competition or an entrepreneur in the boardroom, I needed to take control of my unconscious mind, and the only tool I possess is my conscious mind. It is in the consciousness state that I could understand the reason for my actions. In consciousness state, I knew my surroundings, assessed my audience needs, understood my purpose in a meeting, and I clearly defined my desired result. Only then, I was capable of accessing the info I needed;- to be eloquent, professional, objective…

Here is the best scenario to illustrate the relationship between the consciousness, the driver and the unconscious mind, the servant.

Lewis Hamilton is a talented driver, Formula 1 race could have more talented drive than him, but it is the power of his car engine that put him at the podium as number 1. He controls the car and instructs it to perform.

How can you control the info you stored in your unconscious mind?

Practice and repetition.

” When you are willing to put more effort than the others when you practice longer than expected, and you push your body beyond the perceived limit, it simply means, you are programming and storing in your unconscious and instructing it to create a specific result, to win”.

Great public speakers or orator go over their speeches over and over again. Top athletes like set-piece takers in football, practice their kicks, high jumpers, boxers, tennis players, etc. They all practice and repeat until the information is stored and retrieved when required.

Success is a result of you taking control of your unconscious mind, this means, to be conscious, to be present.

Your unconscious mind is just like a computer; a computer doesn’t

have a life of its own. You store data, program it; – you press a button, boom!!! You get the result.

As a servant, your unconscious mind doesn’t decide for you but interprets your decisions as instructions of your will. wake up in the field, stay alert in the board room

I urge you to be conscious. Because, when you are not aware, you are unconscious. In brief, you are not in control.

If life is a race, your unconscious mind is the powerful engine under your bonnet, and you are the driver.

When you give control of your life to the unconscious mind, you start living on the effect side of life and become “life victim”.