I have heard these words somewhere before; “the more you know, …
The word “confident” is a small word in letter count, but is amongst the most important ingredient for success, either in the sports arena or in the board rooms. In fact, it is a must-have ingredient for success.
All (African) achiever’s stories I came across have a common element, they were “extremely confident” individuals.

Confidence is not a skill that you can acquire, it is a sum total of many skills combined.
In many situations, people do confuse arrogance and confidence.
In my factual opinion, these two should not be confused.
There is no achiever I have met that considered themselves as arrogant. They have all achieved as much as they did because they used so many of their life skills to produce confident behaviour that resulted in the desired outcome.
We can cite “Black Meteor“, Bo, Amanda Coetzee, Dikembe Mutombo, Arzumah, Franky Frederic, Maria Matola, Caster Semenya,Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o Fils, or… they were not superhuman, but they were confident individuals.

Their sizes, backgrounds, genders, races didn’t play many roles in their achievements. These named things could have played a certain role to get them noticed but to achieve, they believed in themselves and produced confident behaviour.

In studying the continent achievers, learning about them, we will come to discover, they have all succeeded because they were present, they dug deep into themselves and used resourceful life skills such as courage, perseverance, kindness, communication, patience, cultural awareness,…with those,  altogether, they became confident individuals.

As parents, siblings of aspired youth, as entrepreneurs, we must learn and be exposed to qualities that make one a full and complete achiever.

We must be confident enough to be curious and have the desire to become an expert in confidence behaviour.

A confident individual can anticipate the next move, the next act, and aligned his/her responses to whatever life throws to them.

When we know all that, we will be in a position to initiate the moves, forcing the opponent to react and call us arrogant.

I was never been coached as a footballer until age 20 when I met Terry Paine at Wits University ground in January 1991. He was the very 1st coach I had and it was the very first time I played with a proper boot.

Terry Paine kept me in the team and gave me a chance. When I asked him why he didn’t tell me to get lost, he replied by saying: “I could let you go at first because you were confident. You were not scared to speak in broken English with courage. That was enough for me to give you a chance. It wasn’t about your talent but your confident approach”.

Arrogance is simply how others interpret your state of confidence.

You can not seal a business deal if you are not confident, which means, you don’t know what “they (clients) want”

By learning about achiever’s life, we might just get a blueprint on how we should go about becoming achiever ourselves.