About me


Christophe was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and travelled to South Africa since 1990 to further his studies in Chemical engineer. He stayed on in the country that he had come to love and became a naturalised citizen.

He started his academic life as a student at Polytechnic University in Lubumbashi in 1988 as a 17-year-old. Two years later in 1990, he completed his undergraduate studies in Polytech sciences.

The same year, Mobutu Sese Seko, the then president of the DRC, ordering the military to indefinitely suspend all university activities in Lubumbashi after massive students violent protests, Christophe started his adventure at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1991.

This journey has taken him through very different stages of his life with each stage leaving an indelible mark on his life that has helped shape him to the athlete, family man, the business professional and a confident coach that he is today.

Initially, life was about battling to get good marks. Christophe needed to first learn to speak, read and write a foreign language, English.

The drive of not failing and becoming financially independent were Christophe’s sole ambition. However he had no idea how that would unfold.

Christophe’s journey was not a smooth one, he had to navigate life alone as a black boy in a foreign land, while trying to communicate in a foreign language at a territory where racial discrimination was an institution.

The pre-1994 life in South Africa forged his consciousness in human relationship and after the liberation the experience culminating in him leading a life that was constantly lived in the public eye, 24/7, as a pro-footballer, TV personality and fashion model.

Besides all the glamour and spotlight that Christophe’s journey depicts, it is also an untold journey of numerous business start-up hiccups, the constant struggles of entrepreneurship life (successes and failures) and the everyday challenges of being a loyal friend, a committed parent and a loving husband and at the same time managing to public opinions of him as an outsider.

Fortunately Christophe has used all these struggles and experiences to equip him with the ability to contextualise all into a story that adds value to others (his audience).

Christophe strives to inspire, empower and ignite people with his own stories of perseveration, courage, faith, perspectives and commitment.

His approach in life is of continuous learning and the belief that “what he knows is not all that is”.

He is former professional footballer, retired in 1998.
Devoted much of his time and effort to developing greatly sought after skills in neuroscience.
His collective life experience of adversity, reinvention in a foreign land, allowed him to develop an acute cultural intelligence combined with well-honed analytical aptitude gives him an unique advantage to network, adapt, speak, negotiate and motivate.


I assist executives in clarifying their business and personal goals, unlocking potential by changing their behaviour as their best sounding board.

We achieve that by reframing their conscious mind to define why “a problem is a problem”.

I get my client to understand, interpret and assess their behaviour, and some time, I do conduct confidential interviews to help a client gain self-awareness, and establish individual life value.

Confidence like performance are not inherent skills, there are  acquired skills.

When employees are not taught how to perform, they will not reach their optimal level and produce positive results as expected.

And, If executives have not been made aware of how to listen to the employee’s undertone needs, they will not perform to produce a good working environment.

My approach to employees performance coaching is all about transfer of life & soft skills to individuals in such way that, they perform at optimal level naturally and encourage the employer to return their gratitude with better offerings.

My coaching is about igniting and give employees an advantage, not only to be competitive in their fields but to dominate the field and be achievers perpetually.

I have provided services to small, medium & big enterprises, in various industry, including football associations and government institutions in the continent and around the globe.

When employees, clients, customer have a clear understanding of their job contents, their position, activities and how their goals are aligned with the organisation, they prone to become cooperatives.

Opening Night of 123rd IOC Meeting at Playhouse

As MC, my role is to get client’s event message to be fully & correctly experienced by the guests/ audience. My ability to quickly assess and understand the audience is my best asset. I can switch from French to English at will and my extensive globe travel and my deep understanding of various African markets and culture give me an unique advantage.

I worked as Master of Ceremony (MC):-
Air Algeria Memorial service (French/English)(Presidential event)
SADC Zone 6 Sport Awards
CHINA/AFRICA Presidential Gala Dinner (French/English)( Presidential event)
Africa local governments, Gauteng Premier Gala Dinner (French/English)
African Film Awards (Presidential) (French/English)
Kora Music Awards (French/English)

World Sports Journalists & RSA Deputy President Event (French/English)(Presidential)
Winter Olympics Host City announcement (French/English)(Presidential event)
FIFA 2010 WC Final draw (French) (Presidential)
CAF Awards (4 consecutive) (French/English)(Presidential

As a sportcaster, My aim is to inform, to educate and to entertain the viewers with authority & factual information.

In 1999, After football retirement, I went and studied the “art of football analysis”, learning the 360 degree of football. My knowledge and perspective is the combination of football studies and my time in the field as pro-footballer. After a year of studying all angles of the game, including production and marketing, in 2000, I joined TV Africa Sports as the Sport Anchor and Football analyst starting with EURO 2000 and continued until December 2001. During that period, I travelled the continent covering all CAF interclub competitions 

From January 2002 until now, I have been expert football analyst at SABC TV & RADIO. I participated in every AFCON broadcasting since 2002. Worked on 4 EURO and FIFA World Cups.
I also worked for BBC Sports in Beijing Olympics 2008 and SKY SPORT during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Currently, I am a member of a vibrant online radio, Massiv Metro. Presenting upbeat sport show with a twist every day, Monday to Friday, 12h to 13h.

It is a space that allows me to educate, inform and share football stories in another perspective.

As a speaker & motivator, my prepared & delivered contents, like the location might varied, but my message objectives remained the same; Inspire, Empower & Ignite.

I am passionate about our youth development, entrepreneurship, their mind & their performance. We all need to put time to guide, mentor and be present in their lives. I have developed two coaching projects; 1.targeting aspired athletes, called Beyond the field and 2. targeting high institution graduates called “Graduate Active Plan”

Here are few contents I have worked on:

Power of football in Nation building (Uganda)

Girl child wellness (Cote D’Ivoire)
Unity for our community (Zimbabwe)
Hope (Haiti)
I was born to speak (South Africa)
Power of communication (Ethiopia)
Be goal oriented, not team oriented (Nelson Mandela University, RSA)
Profit of Diversity (Constitutional Hills, RSA)
Beyond the Field (Cameroon, Ghana & Liberia)
Role and responsibility in FIFA mission as consultant and instructor.